Unlike the previous album of Still Light, a group of people conducted by the lead vocalist and musician Kirill Nikolai, "Rosarium" isn't as heavily folk-based. This fact is already proven by the opening number, which builds its minimalistic atmospheres slowly and carefully with cellos and gentle use of drums, acoustic guitars and male voice. This change is understandable, since mr. Nikolai is the only remaining member from the debut's line-up.

The songs have become longer and even softer than earlier, and simultaneously their atmospheres have become even more fragile and appealing. Despite the fragility, they're far from hollow or dull; for example the near-ethereal third song features some bubbly droning in the back, and the ukulele makes sure that the guitars don't sound too usual or dull. These are the things what define the album; organic ambience that's highly emotional, even fragile, but still has a lot of depth, character and thought-out layers. Every vocalist must be credited for their skillfully emotional delivery, which suit the careful and held back-instrumentation perfectly.

I could go more in-depth about the compositions, but for me, there's no need to do that due to the strong atmospheres. If you liked the previous album, you'll love this one - simple as that. Too bad that the digital promo includes no lyrics or cover arts.

9 / 10