Kylie Minoise is a one-man noise act with seven years' and around fifty releases' worth of history behind it - yet this particular album is the first one of his that I've come to hear. It was released by Mind Flare Media in early 2012 as a CD, but it's also available as a digital download.

What the album presents is electronic dance music that been drowned in noise and backed up by some droning ambient. The songs are based on some beats or looped synth-patterns that vary a little throughout the track, but the main variance-provider is the noise and drone that coats them. The noise is served digitally, as synths and as guitar-provided loudness and riffs, and varies from slight crackle covering the beats and melodies to full-on harsh noise walls.

The album is heavily based on individual compositions. The main style focuses on strong rhythms and beats with a noise-coating that varies in texture, sharpness and, generally said, in its noisiness from soft drones to ear-teasing harshness. The guitar riffs bring a nice amount of variation to the songs' progress, but generally said the songs' base structure remains the same for their length...

... which is my main problem with the album: the songs are too predictable. Sure, there are some exceptions such as the slowly morphing "METAL MAFIA VS FEEDBACK NINJA!," but in general the songs stick to what they begun executing in the first place. The songs do vary a lot from each other, but with the album being such a long one I would've expected it to carry some bolder twists.

In general this album is a very recommended one if you enjoy both electronic music and noise - or noise you can dance to. It simply kicks ass in its best moments, but as an overall experience it would've needed bolder twists and stronger contrasts to give a thorough and memorable whooping to the unsuspecting listener. As of now, too many of the compositions are too predictable. An extra thumbs up is given for the childish, colourful, provocative and highly suitable artwork.

7 / 10