"Eg Bil Tilbake Til Mennesket," released in the last days of 2011 as a pressing of 200 CDs, is the debut album by the Norwegian Black/Heavy Metal group Blodtokt.

There are two equally valid possibilities to view this thirty-minute slab of music. The first option is to think of it as an offering from a young, amateurish group who've listened to too much Manowar. However, I'm more into the second option, which is to find the group's music to be pleasingly rough and primal blackened heavy metal. The songs range from steady mid-tempo riffing with rather clean leads to faster and more black metal-styled blasting with some growls as vocals. The mainly employed vocal style presents manly shouts with a slight preaching tone due to the voice's strength, and these vocals certainly add a lot of appeal and personality to the group's music.

From the blasting to more traditional heavy metal-parts, the band's palette is unified but versatile. However, despite the variation, it must be said that the album lacks the clear high points. The songs have a rough DIY-soundscape which gives them a nicely organic feel, but also strips them of the possibility of truly kicking in the listener's face with the most killer riffs and the catchy mid-tempo grooves. Everything sounds just a bit too soft and tidy, albeit pleasingly unified as well. With a rawer and sharper overall sound the songs would've been able to make a greater impact, and the contrast between the clean-ish vocals and rawer guitars would've created a bolder and more interesting mixture. The soundscape simply isn't sturdy enough for the dominating mid-tempos.

So, although the album is a very enjoyable one and shows the band's skills and zeal for their craft, it just doesn't reach its full potential. The group clearly has the skills and the vision to make something greater to win over the listener, both riff- and sound-wise. Still, "Eg Vil..." managed to win me over, as I've already begun to curiously anticipate the Blodtokt's future works.

7- / 10