The Finnish Kuilu's debut CD-EP presents two songs' worth of atmospheric metal with some blackened dark metal-influences in the pleasingly raw guitar sound and the harsh vocal shouts. The songs range from acoustic parts to rough but heavily melodic sections, all the way to blasting aggression with a great dose of melancholic remembrance. The flow from one section or interlude to another is fairly seamless, despite their variation from slow, almost silent and contemplative acoustic parts to hostile abrasion. The songs have clearly been worked on for quite some time.

Despite the band's skills and effort, there's something missing from the songs that would make you, the listener, their slave. They are very atmospheric and at times purely beautiful, but despite their variation they don't create enough suspense for the listener to succumb under the melancholic atmospheres. There are interludes with acoustic parts that are done with immense skill and care where every note has its own place, yet these moments pass by one's ears unnoticed way too easily. There isn't enough of contrasts regarding the sounds' tones, which causes the louder and quieter moments blend together into one seamless whole that doesn't breathe as it should. Perhaps the vocals should have more room and attention in the mix, too, as it might help bring some additional life and movement to the compositions.

I'm guessing that the songs would work better when witnessed live, as then their highs and lows, silences and grandeous attacks would be enhanced further and the overall atmosphere of suspense would be greater. Now the band needs to work on transferring this suspense and strong flow on their recorded works. As far as the musicianship and understanding of melancholic music and a single note's importance go, the band has nothing to worry about. Bonus points are given for the digipak's stylish hand-drawn design, and for the lyrics' strong atmosphere.

7+ / 10