The Finnish one-man project Cloama has made about twenty releases and taken part on various compilations since 1997. This CD is its currently newest full-length album.

If whales were made of rusty metal, this is how they would sing. The album's built on noisy ambience that's mostly reliant on a raw and vast electric guitar drone. This guitar-drone varies from harsh but soft-ish ambience to screeching walls of noise that have a lot of life and movement in them. The atmospheres range from anguished hostility to more passive and contemplative tunes, all the way to the final tune's softer ambience with beautiful female vocals.

The guitar is not the album's sole element, naturally. Some of the songs feature really distorted shouted vocals, which give a pleasingly aggressive, tortured and even disturbed add to the atmospheres. The guitars are often backed by thought-out metalling bangings, clangs, beats and screeches which are just enough to provide a lot of depth to the atmospheres, yet not too much to make the songs seem like junk metal abuse noise. My ears picked up something that I perceived as analogue synth use and bassier loops from behind the guitars, but no matter what they are, they create a great amount of additional mass and detail to the songs. The song "Barbarians at the Gate" is a great example of this with its screeching guitars and tortured vocals being topped by bassier pounding in the background.

Overall, this album is a great and professionally crafted experience. It's constantly evolving and moving, but on a pace that takes the full benefit from each instrumental setup and atmosphere present on each tune. There is a build and flow that has a thought-out, yet organic nature - a controlled but not enslaved one. Together with the grey but vivid visual side and anguished but not clichéd lyrics, the album forms a fifty-minute experience that I'm happy to recommend.

9 / 10