Back in 2000 I got my hands on Everlast’s third solo effort “Eat at Whitey’s”. Being my first contact with the man since listening to House of Pain in the middle of the 90’s, I really had no idea what to expect.
While the intro might promise at the most some kind of rap/rock crossover, the truth is much more fascinating. Not unlike rap albums, the tracklist is infested with featuring artists but none of them outshine the music itself. A special notice would early on go out to Carlos Santana for really bringing “Babylon Feeling” and “Put your Lights on” to life with his brilliant playing.

The real pearl on this album is though the sexy, knicker wetting, growl like, blues rasp that Everlast utilizes for singing. The singing itself isn’t very melodic as it more closely resembles a sort of sprechgesang, but the effect is nevertheless just as efficient. Part of the songs however do feature fellow rappers, most distinguishable being B-Real of Cypress Hill treating us to his high nasal proclamations, and Everlast himself also ends up throwing some well chosen rhymes at us.
I guess this is a strong case of preferences, but for me the actual blues rock songs work much better and truly show where the talent is hidden.

The music itself serves you a nice curveball with the mixture of southern style acoustic guitar picking and the screaming distorted guitars. Also the pop-sensible string arrangements have been carefully contemplated and everything has been nailed to the optimal place in order to create a successful album.
Bare in mind, “Eat at Whitey’s” doesn’t sound calculated or manufactured in any way. It just sounds like a well made and thoroughly executed album.

The album has followed me through the years and every once in awhile it’s a great album to break out when you need a rest or your knickers wet.

8+ / 10