Noiko is a refreshing acquaintance in the world of soundscapes and instrumental music. Where many entrepreneurs depend on synthesizers and effects, Noiko incorporates a wide pallet of live instrumentation and rhythm, but also environmental sounds and even household noises.
Brushing the floor, scraping a kettle and something sounding like a zipper can be heard here and there among the various elements.
The dramatic arch is highly efficient and it’s a pleasure to listen to these sound collages with both sporadic and abrupt changes and cuts.
It is very clear that every element is thoroughly thought through and both the planning and composition work must have taken ages.
Also, in difference to many paragons in abstract music, Noiko really craves the listeners attention. This composition does not trust on the listeners judgement, but craves it’s place and places it’s seed inside your mind.

The downside to “Honey” is that on a larger scale the music fails to ignite any mental pictures or activating the imagination.
You are highly aware of all the neat tricks the sound collages have to offer, but it adds very little over that.
With this said, it’s a great album just to chill out to.
Simply empty your mind and enjoy the ride!

8- / 10