The span of Death/Black bands in Finland alone is breathtaking, especially compared to the 5 million people population that this small country houses, so itís no small surprise that everyone tries to invent their own angle to the genre. Still, even with the strangest mixtures the competition to get noticed is fierce. Clearly Nihil Mortum have distinguished themselves enough to land a contract with Inverse records, and voila!, here we are.

Nihil mortum indeed has made it their mission to grab an array of ethnic influences to add into their arsenal. These (mostly oriental) elements are mostly utilized in acoustic intros and as spice to the lead guitar works.
Save the oriental spicing the music flows in a true-enough-manner and keeps the listener along for the ride. The guitar work varies greatly in between heavy riffing and basic Black Metal tremolo picking and all the way to the aforementioned lead ethnic leads.
The vocal work stays interesting with the almost 50/50 split of low guttural growls and true Black Metal high-pitch throat growls. Thereís even some interesting, processed spoken word parts here and there for shock value.

What brings the material down, is the clear absence of obvious catchy hooks that reel in the listener for the kill. Thus itís only the sporadic elements and/or gimmicks that clings into your mind with a grip of steel.
Still this is a solid opener for Nihil Mortum.

7Ĺ / 10