Siinai will push you into running the red tracks with only one goal in mind; a personal best, victory over spirit, the glory of a cheering crowd. You will be fighting for your life just to reduce a tenth of a second. You will throw the discus to unimaginable lengths and all your muscles will be pushed to the breaking point. You will participate in Siinai’s Olympic Games even if you don’t like sports. You will march in line with the greatest German team members. You have been invited.

Siinai tackles many difficult obstacles on their very own training ground. How to get the upper hand of timeless krautrock legends as Cluster, Harmonia and Neu! Siinai pushes on and lets the human spirit prevail. “Olympic Games” is very much a theme record around sports. When the Anthem trilogy settles down by the starting line the band stands next to Vangelis and a bunch of hairy German prog rockers you just know something great will happen. As the start pistol fires and the muscle destroying running commences you soon will notice that Siinai is not simply a copy of these other great runners, but a breed of its own, a hybrid, where finest strands of DNA is merged into perfect form.

Almost every note on this album is epic and is indeed a perfect soundtrack for a long run. “Marathon” is a clean cut pastiche of the motorik krautrock sound and an absolute high point of the record. Siinai has indeed made their homework and manage to breathe some life into this ancient art. “Finnish line” among many other tracks could be lifted straight out of Neu’s third and perhaps best album “75”.

Olympic Games is by no means all about mimicking old tactics, it has plenty of fresh blood transfusion sacks in store for the roughest parts of the tracks. “Anthem 3” and “Munich 1972” are dark and brooding downers, but offer a majestic contrast to the upbeat feel of the songs to follow. Siinai also masters the art of dynamics and flow. Every track has its designated place on the record, just like an athlete knows the exact moment to flex his muscles and jump over the next obstacle.

If you prefer your sports in audial form, free flowing and without blood, sweat and tears, Siinai is definitely for you. The album has been on a marathon spree in my headphones for quite some time, so it indeed gets better by every run.

9 / 10