The Finnish quartet Deathmarched has been active since 2009, and this is their debut album. No booklet nor lyrics were included in the promo, but at least the included cover painting looks good.

The band's music is clearly heavily influenced by Sodom; the traditional oldschool death metal is imbued with thrashy riffs, and the crunchy but professional guitar sound nods to that direction as well. The main catch of the music isn't the thrash-elements, however, but the in-built subtle groove, the relaxed playing and very capable musicianship; Bolt Thrower comes to mind in the most repetitive mid-tempo churnings. The riffs are quite simplistic as are the song structures, and as the songs are mostly played in mid-tempo it's this aforementioned groovy touch that gives the songs their charisma.

If you want anything fancy from your death metal, you can start looking for something else to buy. The steady growls, groovy death-thrashing and professional heaviness delivers the bare basics of death metal without any fancy gimmicks aside of a few tasty guitar solos. A steady flow of death.

If you're into Sodom and oldschool death metal, you might want to buy this album. For me, the lack of tempo-changes, the pleasingly organic but still too tidy soundscape, and the overall steadiness and relaxed nature of the material make this something like background music. I want more filth, contrasts and attitude (or any of the three) from my death metal instead of steady, subtle groove.

I acknowledge the skill and dedication behind the songs, but it really just comes down to personal preferences here. The album presents nearly 40 minutes of solid death metal that simply isn't my cup of tea.

7 / 10