Alan Bloor's project Knurl has been operative since 1994, and this tape is one of his most recent releases. If I've understood correctly, the sounds you hear have been crafted with self-made metal objects, recorded live without overdubs, and the resulting sound has been given no mastering whatsoever.

As you can guess, the end result is crunchy and positively brutal. There's no rhythm or real structure, just a mass of cruel metal noise that buzzes, drones, clangs and screeches violently for over twenty minutes on both sides of the tape. There's no real finesse or pre-planned layering, just mere fluctuation between the different aspects and styles to creating a pummeling whole out of metal objects. Due to the fast-paced and continuous flood of varying screeches, drones and beats, there are no breathing pauses for the listener to process what s/he's hearing. It took me a couple of spins to start seeing beyond the harsh pummeling, but by the third or fourth spin of the tape I was fully enjoying it.

The cover arts are nothing to talk about, just boring and grey which is a shame. The j-card comes covered with a small amount of charcoal for the buyer's displeasure, but luckily we're talking of a minor amount here.

The album is of a perfect length, and has been crafted with skill and dedication to aural violence. There's no entertainment value or anything particularly new or fancy here, just a purely merciless mass of sound that washes over the listener and should leave him/her rather satisfied for a good while. The only complaint I have is about the dull visual side, which I already mentioned above.

"Pyrolysis" does what it promises without any useless gimmicks, and made me curious to hear more releases from this really capable artist.

8 / 10