A massive wall of sound, a symbol of power for the mighty ruler who stands on the tall mountain gazing over his dominions. Where there is power, there is loneliness and melancholy which tethers the spirit and soul.

You find yourself staring into a dark abyss with nothing but hatred and emptiness inside.
The slow beating drums and ultra heavy riffs are a vessel to document this hopelessness and darkness.
But all is not brooding in the shadows of pitch-black darkness. The synthesized melodies and pianos bring a passage of hope soundscape, still the returning melancholy crushes with twice the force, diminishing all positive thoughts.

How much darkness can a mind take. How much of the crushing somber atmosphere can you survive.
However, digging deeper into the scape much of the darkness is artificial. The angst is not real.
My dear readers, you come to notice that nothing stops you from spinning the album again, save maybe boredom.

So in the end you are left with an album of majestic sounds and beautiful melodies.

...and when the everlasting darkness turns into night the mighty ruler, our self proclaimed emperor ... why not even God, can lie down with a wide smile and rest until the next downfall of his people can commence.

7+ / 10