What is music, more than free flowing sounds that breath and vibrate in the breeze. The chills created by excellent music is like a soft touch along the spine.
When giving in to some of the utmost audible pleasure, itís like the small vibrations of airwaves make sweet love to your eardrums.
Music has the unlimited power to effect your mind, body and emotions if you only dare to let go and give in.

Itís sad that much of modern music gets lost in production and loses itís organic touch. Musicians seem afraid to show their human touch and instead walk into an eternal maze of technical supremacy.
Still, for the musical freak itís a relief to hear some well made organic, friendly and honest music in the scattered field of auto-tune and pro-tools fine-tuning.

Overhead showcases the organic and human touch I call for, on their good-tempered 4th studio release ďOf Sun and MoonĒ.
The music features elements of modern progressive metal mixed with the more earthly progressive rock from the 70ís spiced with memorable choruses and pop-like melodies.

Itís music that fits perfectly to the darkening Finnish winters with itís mellow vibe.
All elements have their own firm spaces and no gimmicks are stretched too far.
The guitar solos donít try to contest the keyboards nor the flute and the vocals fill their space.
Everything is calculated, but it all works towards the whole. Every single note and instrument work for the compositions at hand.

This is by far one of the albums of the year for me.
Itís a rare piece of progressive rock, that lasts only 49 minutes and you feel tempted to push play again the moment the disc spins to an end.

9- / 10