I have given Niveau Zero probably 20-or-so spins and restarted this review 4 or 5 times always having trouble finding the words to describe what I have heard.
Phrases like “testosterone drenched”, “cut-up structures” and “un-danceable dance music” keep showing up in my texts but I’m unable to tie it all together.
I would love to call “Jasmine” versatile, because in a way it is ...but on the other hand the music incorporates a rather homogenous range of styles. The hip-hop elements are the strongest and most visible ones around which sets the atmosphere for the whole.
Only the remix of the As They Burn track hands out some of the well welcomed change.

It’s really a shame that Niveau Zero has chosen so strongly to portray a hip-hop mashup. as dubstep as a genre provides an ample platform to mix and match the most unexpected styles of music.
On Jasmine the rhythmic solutions work well, but in the end I would have loved to hear more experimental mashups.

7 / 10