Heroin and Your Veins is once again venturing in dark places. Seems like the road Perttula is on keeps on getting darker and more psychedelic with every release. The stripped down simplicity and hanging on to melancholy of his early work has given way to more intricate arrangements and schizophrenic mind sets.

Regret is packed with the familiar dark jazz or soundtrack for those non-existing film themes as before, but this time the listener is in for some surprises. With a pinch of jazztronica and avant-garde the palette has broadened remarkably. The opening track “I Feel Nothing” and “Only When I'm Drunk” are refreshingly different and offer the listener a welcome break from the familiar instrumentations of tracks like “Perpetual Sorrow” and “The Past Doesn't Exist”. The horn sections are a fantastic add to the mix and bring in new shades of grey to the album.

The records weak point is its sheer body of work and length. The album could easily have been split into two albums, giving the different elements more room to breathe and tracks a better opportunity to shine on their own. Now the album feels crowded with material and gets a bit repetitive and at moments discouraging towards the end. If the earlier albums have been “Twin Peaks” or “Wild at Heart” of the Lynch catalogue, this release is definitely “Inland Empire”. The structure is more of a mystery and interpretation a broader concept.

Regret is one dark album, but it never becomes a victim of apathy. A certain twisted black humor seems to be hanging over the notes. Some editing would have made this album an absolute masterpiece of dark jazz and instrumental “out there music”. Now it plunges into a pit trap of its own grandeur.

As a whole Heroin and Your Veins delivers its most ambitious work to date. With a bit of editing here and there and perhaps some intertwining EP:s would have made “Regret” one of the high points of last year. Now it is simply a good album, which is not enough on the HAYV-scale.

8+ / 10