Wömit Angel (which I keep confusing with Mörbid Vomit, an another originally named band) is a Finnish black/thrash/punk-band. They released two demos before this CD, which is their debut full-length.

As some of you might've noticed, I'm quite fond of the band Impaled Nazarene. This is relevant, because a lot of the riffs, vocal patterns, themes, and the general visual side and attitude of this album bring the SFP/Latex Cult/Rapture-era of Impaled Nazarene to my mind. In this sense, it's a damn shame that the lyrics aren't included in the booklet, as I bet they would've been fairly entertaining if they have anything in common with MikaakiM's lyrics of the said era.

Aside of goats and gasmasks, Wömit Angel's music relies on punk's simplistic effectiveness that's delivered with drunken metallic mania. Their sound is rough and especially the bass-sound is nicely crispy and loud, which pleases me greatly. The vocals are hoarse croaks and shouts, which aren't as strong and bold as they could be, but they're still pretty good. The sound could be filthier and rougher to better bring out the music's sleazy and dirty qualities, as although the album's sound is allright and functions well, it's just slightly too tidy and usual.

The band's basic expression is well in check, and the songs are good for the most part. They just lack the utter boldness and aggressive variation and experimentation that Impaled Nazarene employs, meaning that the songs on "Sodomatik Rites of I.N.R.I" are a bit too similar to each other. Nonetheless, this is a worthy debut offering, and I'll be waiting to hear more from the band. I'm wishing for more filth and vomit, and who knows, perhaps that wish will be granted.

7 / 10