The band describes their intent as 'Taking the best aspects of old school death metal, sludge, stoner, blues & country and mixing them in equal parts in a groovy subgenre.'

Reading that description I was left feeling that the band just wanted to be different and were probably trying to do too much and in all honesty, my feelings weren't far off. Instatly on the first song the problems of the band become clear. They take random parts of different subgenres, play them with distorted guitars and bass with throaty vocals and hope it works. It doesn't. There isnt really any connecting thread between all the pieces that the band has written to their songs.

The production is decent with decent attention from low to mid to high levels. Instruments are mixed quite well, everything is easy to hear, even if you need to pay some attention to hear the bass.

I simply don't like this album and don't know much anything else to say about it. It's incoherent, the band seems to try to do too much and on the whole its unappealing to me. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone expect to those who want to hear something different just for the sake of hearing something different.

5 / 10