The marriage of a beauty and the beast can end up in either disaster or an intense experience of ecstasy... and this my friends is what Igorrr is all about.
While you can mash together any given elements in the world, it takes skillful crafting to mix two completely different worlds.

Here we see in more than one instance how the most beautiful classical passages, or a fun folk melody, is perverted by the rugged electronic bashing and typewriter-like drumming which is mixed to a point of breaking.

In all honesty, "perverted" is the best word in my vocabulary to describe happenings along "Hallelujah". There are no forewarnings of what’s to happen next, but rest assured that if you stumble across beauty then it is bound to be distorted rather sooner than later.

I am not even going to start going through all the elements implemented on this album, because that would only result in a pagelong listing of genres, styles and instrumentations. However I must stress that ALL elements stand their ground 100 percent.

There are no ample means of really explaining the mish-mash that is going on in the hands of Igorrr. It is something you have to hear and experience first hand ... and chances are you are going to hate it, but still it is an experience.
It is hades and the elysian fields on one laserdisc.

8 / 10