Total Vomit Experience is a Finnish band that plays oldschool grindcore. This is the band's first proper release after a couple of demos that I haven't heard. No lyrics are included for some silly reason.

The band's brand of grindcore is not overtly fast, but still fast enough. It relies on general crusty roughness, a nicely chaotic delivery and simplistic punk-rhythms. The vocals are delivered as high-pitch screams and lower growls, which suits the songs just perfectly and gives them more energy and a gutter filth-coating. The songs smell like the past and please the ear with their honesty.

Although there isn't any real reason to complain, the band has still room to further intensify their songs and to make them perhaps even rougher and bolder. They handle the basics really well, but need more personality and, in the lack of a better term, balls. On the other hand, I might need to hear a longer sample of the band's work before making such conclusions, and these songs indeed did leave me thirsty to hear more.

Total Vomit Experience: 7 / 10

Kashmar is a band from Turku, Finland, and this split seems to be their first proper release as well. Noting that I had no expectations whatsoever for the band, they managed to make quite an impression on me with their sole song "Hypochondriac." As a negative aspect, though, I must mention that no lyrics are included here either. I would've liked to know what the song is about.

It might be an issue of me simply lacking general knowledge, but I have a hard time labeling Kashmar under some genre definition. The song is rough like a grunge-song, has somewhat slowed down jamming a'la stoner, and simpler passages and rough vocals akin to some more musical crust punk. "Hypochondriac" is both simplistic but capable, rough and abrasive, while still remaining honest and emotional - especially in the passages with clean vocals.

Genre-wankery aside, what I can say is that the song is really good. The soundscape is rough but professional and deep, and the song is very versatile but also logical and well-knit. Shortly said, there's very little to complain about except that I would've liked to hear more.

Their debut full-length is supposed to be released in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled. I can't make any predictions on how it will sound based on this sole song, but if it's generally of as good quality, it's worth purchasing for people who like musical roughness.

Kashmar: 8+ / 10

This split is not for everyone and it might be quite a challenge to find the right mood in which you'd enjoy the music of both these bands, but if regarded as individual entities there's very little to complain about here. Well, the split could've been longer (a 10" for example) and the covers and band infos could've been way better, but you can't have everything in this world, now can you. I'll be waiting to hear more from both the bands.

7+ / 10