When you start playing Industrial metal, you really need to be packed with talent, vision and a belief in your ideas. The whole genre is filled with ultra talented bands and Iím not talking about Rammstein here.
To be honest, itís not a fair game for Project Silence, because they need to match the likes of The Kovenant, ...and Oceans, Shade Empire or The Project Hate.
No easy task for any band.

So the dry punchline of the day is; Does the project need to be silenced?
To be honest, the band actually shows a lot of potential with itís relatively simple approach. The songs are relatively straightforward and are nicely spiced up with programming and synthesized sounds.
Save the harsh vocals, the music could easily be heard on mainstream radio.

While there is great potential, Project Silence still needs to travel long miles before they reach home.
While the techno elements serve as spicing, the real hooks that help reel you in are magnificently absent.

Overall we are presented a serving of promising new music that very well might light up the night in the future, but for now still is left in the dust by itís contemporaries.
But if we return a few sentences back, ďDoes the project need to be silenced?Ē
- No.

7+ / 10