Atmosphere, one of the most important things to make a successful album.
Well depending on the genre of course. Crappy, soulless, pop music doesn't need nor crave any sort of atmosphere.
With Oyaarss take on electronic music we get down to club music that will show some serious restrictions to danceability, specially after a few drinks. Still the music does get you moving which might be counted as 2/3 'there'.

One of the greatest traits of the album is the great variation among the material and you can't be quite sure what awaits behind the next corner.
While many of the tracks are drum-driven ...and borderline aggressive at places, you can find some amazing piano stuff as well as beautiful emotional melodies among the distortions.

All in all this release is a tough one to crack.
Breaking it all into pieces might give you a better idea of everything than my headless swaying.
- The rhythmic playing keeps the music fresh and interesting. No two tracks sound quite alike, but still everything hangs together.
- The electronic programmings spice up the whole nicely without shooting over the hedge. You could characterize the electronics to be subtle enough, but still craving their presence.
- Vocal loops that are utilized in more than just one place serve in giving the album a storyline, or maybe just building an dramatic arc of events.

Given I was more of a clubber, Oyaarss might have a stronger impact on my mind.
As is it still strikes me as a positive display of varying music. The overall vibe is very positive, which is highly appreciated during the dark times in the north.
Only thing I can think to ask for, the biggest lack on "Smaida Greizi Nākamība", are melodies to pester my mind through the long office hours.

8- / 10