I know this really weird bedtime story about a gang of hippies that get lost in a huge dark forest.
After doing their fair share of tree hugging they stumble upon a pack of drunk-as-hell trolls that just need to be loved.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, the hippies roll their joints and let them pass in circles with the trolls and they all just get messed up like it was Woodstock all over again.

To be honest, I just made up that story... but the elements are sure as hell part of De Arma.
The music is light and positive and the clean vocals are way too thin. In other words the clean parts are so flower childish it hurts my brain.
The aggressive metal parts are thought to bring variation to the campfire music but it leaves both elements halfway to the goal.

The music just simply lacks balls.
The accoustic, hippy influenced, basis for the music could easily be mistaken for some mellow Folk music... only these guys incorporate a light version of Folk Metal in the mix.

Clearly the trolls these guys have came across were eunuchs with beautiful high singing voices.

But if we leave folklore and fables behind, the music isnít all that bad. The heterogenous sound world just needs getting used to and behind that you can actually find one or two quite pleasant campfire hymns.
For me personally the music is way too light and really craves a special mindset to work.

7- / 10