Mr. Big is one of those nostalgic pieces from the past that (I believe) most of us are ashamed to ever speak of. In this case we need to put the music into the perspective of time, I mean in 1991 glam rock and power ballads was the hottest thing since roasted beef.
Long haired rock musicians in tight jeans were the sex-symbols of that time, which seems fairly utopistic in our time.

While the songs all lean on the generic hard rocking of the day and age there is still some versatility among the tracks, but mainly we are moving along with tracks filled with good will, joy and singalong choruses.
Above all I think a special mention is needed for the all-time cheesiest power ballad of the age, “To be with You,” that sticks to your mind like duct tape and 20 years later causes a sense of shame thick as a mamba.

So as I already stated, while the songwriting is good and the songs are catchy, the album is very much a product of its age... thus the teeth of time have gnawed upon the edges of “Lean into it,” leaving it in the grand hall of shame and nostalgia.

6 / 10