This time the Lithuanian label Terror is offering us a 30-minute tape of Finnish harsh noise. The pro-tape is limited to 100 copies.

If you are familiar with Umpio, you already know what to expect from this tape. The A-side features three extended bursts of hectic harsh noise, scrap metal destruction and some piercing feedbacks (that are luckily not overused). Some digital glitches and bleeps are employed to bring some variation, but they're just that: a minor addition to the otherwise crude and harsh sounds, and hence they don't disturb the overall feel of the EP. These three songs present exactly the things I'm hoping to hear from Umpio, and hence I have very little to complain about.

The overall soundscape is a bit damp, assumingly due to the tape-dubbing, but it's still deep, shrilling and most of all raw enough to retain its power to do damage.

The B-side presents one long track of (assumedly) analog-drone blur backed with a slow-paced array of metal-beats, screeches, clangs, scratches and toilings, and some feedback. The song progresses slowly from drone-accompanied minimalism to absolute wrecking of metal objects. The sound is too muffled to bring the recording place's own reverb and other qualities properly into the spotlight, which makes the first half of the song seem a bit dull. There are nice things to hear, but they aren't presented and mixed in the most flattering manner. Luckily the end part's total junk noise wreckage sounds better. Although the B-side serves as a nice contrast to the three opening tracks, I found "Wrapped in Plastic" a little disappointing and eventually lacking a climax - although one must note that a track with that title on a concept-EP about slaughterhouses might've been crafted to sound uncomfortable on purpose. Who knows.

This tape is a nice piece of good-quality harsh noise in the well-known professionally crafted Umpio-style. I would've expected a little more from the overall soundscape and the B-side in general, but all in all it's a good-quality tape release.

7 / 10