This split unites two bands that play noisy lo-fi music. It comes as a pressing of 100 in computape-format, and costs next to nothing, really. If you order it directly from the bands or the label, you'll get a special issue of Ajatuksen Valo-zine that includes an interview (in Finnish language) with both bands and Veikki of Kohellus-zine and the bands Noituus, Tuhkaus, D-Beatles and a few others.

First a word about the release format. I wasn't familiar with computapes, but at least based on this split they're far more cruddy and lo-fi than the usual ferric-tapes. The tapes have next to no low frequencies, the descants are sharp and hissing, and the music wobbles between the two channels. The sound quality (or lack of it) might be a bit too much for a lot of people - even those who know their raw punk. Oh, and the louder you play the tape, the more the sharp high frequencies will drill into your ears.

Puukotus is a young Finnish duo that plays guitar-free hardcore punk. The first four songs on this split are leftovers from their debut 7". You might not notice that just by listening to these songs, though, as the differences in sound between this tape and the 7" are huge. Whereas the 7" relied on dense bass-distortion, the computape cuts out almost all bass-frequencies and replaces them with sharp lo-fi descants and crude, breaking distortion. The drums are damp and soft, but the bass and vocals sound pleasingly raw which gives the songs quite a bit of appeal - and you can make out the riffs even better than on the aforementioned 7"-EP. They rely more on simplisticity and chaotic blur than strict compositions, though.

The music of Puukotus is primitive, and although this tape doesn't present the band with their usual sound, it does bring out their aggression and tendencies towards noisier chaos. The two raw and low-quality live-songs in the end sound more like noisecore than hardcore punk, which, despite the songs seeming out of place, makes these two bands more logical split-companions.

Musta Oksennus ("Black Vomit") have made quite a few tapes of noisecore of which some are better, some worse, and it's about damn time I give them an another review. This tape presents quite a change in comparison to those earlier tapes; it opens up with a crude and sloppy mid-tempo piece that sounds like music in comparison to the band's usual style. It's just a brief segment, though, which is followed by a bundle of noisecore-bursts delivered in a crude and utterly un-musical way - until it's time for an another "music"-piece in the side's end. I found it to be a fun detail that the split presents Puukotus flirting with noisecore of Musta Oksennus, and the latter flirting with the slightly more musical dimensions of Puukotus.

The sound is a mush of randomly played mid-frequency strings, damp drumming and tortured growls and shouts. It works well in a short format like this, especially since it brings quite a lot of variation to one who's already familiar with Musta Oksennus' other tapes. Even so, this tape certainly doesn't present the band at their fiercest or noisiest.

I won't grade this release simply because I couldn't decide whether I think it's awesome or awful. Either way, I'm glad I got to hear it.

x / 10