Hasta La Vista Social Club was founded in 2003, and if I've read correctly, "Melt" marks the group's fourth full-length album.

The band has worked on their craft for years, and one can definitely hear it through the songs' natural flow. The band's rock-punk is simplistic, but holds well enough variation to keep things interesting. The vocals are hoarse, yet melodic in a rather manly manner. They make the songs sound less light, and suit both the energetic rock-pieces as well as the more melancholic moments. The uplifting and darker moments are arranged so that the album doesn't seem to drag or get out of control at any point, with the exceptions of the acoustic piece "Lonely Again" and the down-tempo "Death Is Not the End." They're not bad songs, but their very gloomy atmosphere feels rather heavy when compared with the album's overall feel.

The songs are simple, but far from dull. They tend to have a strongly melodic undercurrent, but it entwines with the rough rock-rhythms and punk-simplisticity in a manner that makes everything sound natural and meaningful. It sounds as if the band is really proud of what they're creating, and I see no reason for them not to be.

The album is a skillfully crafted one, and doesn't sound dull despite its fairly traditional approach due to the experienced and self-assured delivery. It's not perfect and the most melancholic moments are simply not my thing, but most of this album is absolutely enjoyable.

8 / 10