Kaunis Kuolematon ("Beautiful Immortal") is a Finnish quintet that plays dark and melancholic metal. This digital single/EP is the group's debut release. The band is currently working on their first full-length album.

The opening four-minuter is a really promising song. It mixes rhythmic riffs a'la modern death metal to melancholy, and ranges from the verses' brisk paces to the chorus' mid-paces and more prominent atmospheric elements. The vocals are delivered as harsh growls and shouts, which handle their duties well. The sound is clear and modern, but has enough roughness to deliver heaviness when needed. The drums could sound a bit stronger, though; especially the cymbals have a dusty, weak and hissing sound, which does more harm than good to the compositions.

The second song lasts for over six minutes. It opens up with clean vocals, which lead the song into a mixture of heavy guitars, clean piano-notes and harsh shouts spewing out gloomy and depressing lyrics. The song varies between these dark and atmospheric sections and a heavier metal-based sections through-out its length, and while the song is pretty good, it doesn't really rise to shine. I think that such an atmosphere-reliant tune would work better if it would follow a longer array of songs, as the faster and heavier opening tune doesn't really set the mood right for "Menneisyyteen Kahlittu." Compared to the really good opener "Varjo," this song let me down.

In short, this EP is way too short to really bring out what the band is about. The songs differ a lot from each other, so I'm not quite sure which of them is more close to the band's usual expression. This kind of atmospheric metal would need to be presented in a longer format (and with a better production) to really cause an impact and to be memorable, even evocative.

The songs are promising, but based on just these two tracks, I can't really assume what kind of material their full-length will consist of. If the acoustic pieces and metal-churning are used as similarly separated elements as on this EP, it might be a bit of a chaos to listen to. Well, we'll see what the band's future will bring.

6- / 10