Scumrise is more or less of a side-project of two members from the band Rage My Bitch (among other ones), which was founded as an outlet for the duo's songs that didn't suit any of their other bands. It seems that Scumrise is now gaining more attention from its founders, though, as they're currently working on their second demo/EP under this name.

The songs vary quite a bit from each other, but what they have in common is a mixture of stonery groove metal, harshrer punk-ish aggression and general simplisticity. The songs range from punk-riffs played through a metal-filter, melodic thrash-riffs and stoner-groove to some minimalistic down-tempo parts with clean vocals - and these parts are lined up in a manner that doesn't allow them to support or compliment each other. The compositions have some good elements in them, certainly, but their arrangement and flow is very far from something that would've gone through a proper process of thought and effort. At their worst, they sound like a result of taking some previously composed sections and randomly stitching them together to form a song. It's a slight exaggeration, but it should give an image of how bad I feel the songs' flow and unison are.

The demo's full title is "Demo 2012 - Ite tein ja säästin!" which translates to "I did it myself and saved some money." Obviously, this title reflects in the demo's production values; the drums sound a bit dull, the stonery guitar sounds hollow and digitally distorted, and the bass-buzz lacks strength. The harsh shouted vocals seem to try emulate Devin Townsend's screams in Strapping Young Lad, although these ones' sound is sadly edited and distorted in a vein that makes them sound thin and a bit dull.

There is no real interplay between the instruments, which makes sure that the songs lack in emotion and any kind of attitude or atmosphere. When playing such groovy or stoner metal-influeced music, it's immensely important that the songs at least sound like they're played by a band that has a certain chemistry - and on this demo, there is none. The individual instruments do an ok job, but everything sounds underprocessed and raw in a negative sense. I strongly think that the band should give a lot more attention into making their recordings to sound more vivid and lively, and to put some emotion into their works instead of going through the easiest route. Also, the cover artwork is plain horrible.

This band, or project, definitely shouldn't have released a demo yet. They might create something noteworthy in the future, but that would require them to put a lot more emotion, effort and time into finishing their songs. The raw ideas, attempt at groove and some riffs in the songs are good, but the end result sounds too rough, confused and premature to be enjoyable.

1+ / 5