This album is both the debut full-length for the French band, as well as the first release from Sunruin Records. Wheelfall has released an EP and a split with "A Very Old Ghost," but I haven't heard either of those yet. The digital promo didn't include the actual digipak's booklet nor lyrics, and hence they won't be commented. The album is also available for free streaming.

I didn't know what to expect from "Interzone," as I had previously heard nothing about the band - and I've had both brilliant and horrible stoner metal recommended to me. I was prepared for the worst, but all my worries were lifted after a few minutes of listening to the album.

The songs are very groovy and flow forwards easily, but have enough influences from both psychedelic rock and more rhythmic (doom) metal to have a lot of range and variance. There are slow and heavy moments, somewhat trippy moments and lighter rock-moments, but they flow smoothly from one to another. The variance makes sure that the songs don't feel stuck despite their occasionally very prominent jamming, and the guitar solos also help in giving the album a stronger pulse. The hoarse vocals bring a nice touch of personality to the band's sound and make the songs seem more structured, too.

The one real complaint I have is regarding to the final song, which lasts for almost 23 minutes. It's first half is really pleasing and sounds natural, but after that is starts to seem too extended. I think that it's latter half could've been replaced with a whole different song to better help the album to keep in motion, and it would've given it a stronger ending. In its current form the song just kind of fades away without a real climax.

While Wheelfall doesn't breathe a lot of fresh air to the already rather crowded field of stoner music, they do their thing really well. The band sounds skilled, matured and confident, and their groove and chemistry makes is sound like the band has rehearsed a lot. If the band keeps up their hard work and the compositions' quality control, I'm certain they'll become a better known name in the future.

8+ / 10