Venus Star is a Finnish one-man black metal band that I've been meaning to get acquainted with for a long time, but simply haven't gotten around to doing it. Well, how I have. "Nigredo Expulsion" is the band's third full-length album.

Venus Star's black art relies on simple, heavy and rhythmic riffs, repetition, equally simple but lively drumming, and deep and hoarse vocals. Since the band most often operates at mid-tempo and comes from Finland, it's only natural that the band Ride For Revenge popped up in my mind quite soon after I had begun listening to this album. There are many differences, though. One of the most prominent and notable ones is in the album's aura; Venus Star's music is very hypnotic and carries an intense spiritual charge.

The lyrics are very abstract and open for many interpretations, and because of that I would do only harm if I were to discuss (my views of) their themes. What I will say is that they're very poetic, well-written and interesting, and superficially they're rather far from the general black metal-lyrics.

The music flows forward as a thick stream with a lot of depth and charisma. Although the songs' basic structure and rhythmic focus tends to be very similar between the songs, their nuances, subtle variations and the generally trance-inducing atmosphere have kept me very intriqued and satisfied throughout the many listening sessions. The occasional melodies bring enough variation to the spiritual primitivism, as do the lyrics, which is why I can only recommend this album despite its seeming simplisticity.

The beauty and power lies not on the imminent surface, but in the depths. It is something you need to feel in order to acknowledge and appreciate it.

9 / 10