I had pleasing memories of Sortokausi's previous demo/EP, so when I heard that they're finally releasing their debut album I actually got a bit excited to hear it.

The Finnish band's brand of death metal was fairly modern already on the aforementioned EP, but now the songs are even more deathcore-influenced; the vocals are harsh but the pronounciation is rather clear, there's a bunch of 'corey melodies and breakdowns, and so on. Even so, my aversion towards deathcore and its ilk hasn't really risen its ugly head although I've listened to the album for over ten times now.

The songs' mixture of death metal-heaviness and -rhythmics, more modern vocals and triggered drumming, and harsh but appealing melodies is not the most original one, but it all works surprisingly well. Each song has its own characteristics and strengths, the album is of reasonable length, the production values are top-notch, and the flow from one song to another is fluent. The songs are heavy and rhythmic, but have enough of catchiness, variance and instantly appealing riffs to stick to the listener's mind.

Sortokausi could imbue some stronger variation, originality and even experimentations in their songs, other than just the couple of brief industrial-flirtations. That aside, there isn't a lot to complain about; the band is skilled, the compositions' and the overall sound's quality is strongly good, and I haven't gotten bored of the album despite listening to it extensively. Noting that this is the group's debut album, I am very impressed of the band's professionalism and skills.

8½ / 10