"Prayed And Betrayed" is a Finnish five-unit band that plays death metal. This is their debut EP.

I've had this EP in my queue for some months, and just so that the band knows: my review of it wasn't delayed due to laziness, but simply due to me not being sure of what to say about it. The six songs present a mixture that's rooted on heavy and harsh oldschool death metal with deep growls, but that's not all. The songs feature some attempt at groove, and some bold leads and clear influences from the Gothenburg-scene's melodic ways. On the surface everything looks good, but...

... I just can't get a hold of this EP. The riffs are allright, but the moments when they grab you by the neck are rare, and at no point did the groove make me feel like moshing. The songs are too disoriented by nature; I like the idea of mixing fast paces with both lead melodies and heavy brutality, but the band just hasn't succeeded in creating a working mixture out of these elements yet. The heavy rhythms are good, the leads are too, but their mixture seems a bit confusing.

It's like the whole EP is a compromise of skilled musicians trying to execute too many ideas within a single song, creating a piece that seems promising but eventually fails to make an impact. It doesn't help that the soundscape feels a bit hollow and shallow, despite its heaviness. It would need an overall stronger and more solid sound, but one that would also leave enough room for details so that the clearly skilled drummer would have enough room to operate in.

The band obviously has zeal for their craft, but I'd suggest them to focus on their core strengths and work on their playing before taking on the task of creating this multi-dimensional and varying pieces of death metal. They have a good and functional vision, but it'll take some more time until they can channel it into our reality. If the band keeps on rehearsing a lot, it won't take long - and I'm eagerly waiting to hear the band's next and hopefully more matured offering.

5+ / 10