Borg 64 is a Swedish band that was founded in the late '90s, and after some drastic style-changes they made a couple of releases (at least) during 2005 and vanished. Now they're back with a new four-song EP.

I hadn't heard of this band before, and my initial impressions of 'em were instantly pretty high after hearing the opening song. The song's mixture of fast and (at least mostly) programmed drums, bold vintage video game electonics, harsh hardcore punk-riffing and aggressive shouting creates a very energetic and even intense experience. The song grabbed me by the neck and threw me around for a bit, and made me expect that the whole EP would be as impressive.

The remaining EP is a bit tamer, which surprised me. The "amiga-electronics," bold electronic beat-bits and crude discords are still there, but the songs are overall more held back when compared with the all-out opener. I think the EP would work better if "Death to False Power Chords" would've been the second or third song, as I see it as the EP's "hit song" of sorts, and that way it would've given the EP a more pleasing flow.

Anyway, the remaining three songs are mostly a bit slower but really good, too. They focus more on the USA-style hardcore with heavy and rhythmic riffs with some metal-influences in their sound, and the electronic moments and more humorous bits are more sparse and minimalistic. Due to this they come off as more serious and authentically hostile, and the final song even has some melancholic wrath in it.

All in all, this EP is really promising and shows that the band has a bold attitude in mixing together elements from very different worlds, and a sense of taste that makes the results very enjoyable and, at their best, fresh-sounding. The band still has work to do when it comes to creating a more solid and unified style and to take their expression's different elements further, and to take the most out of the electronic beats, discords, heavy riffs and harsh shouts.

The band has a concept that would allow them to reach way more interesting and bolder spheres than the ones they're currently exploring, but that doesn't make this EP any less enjoyable. It's a tad premature, but the band's attitude and zeal shines through so well that I can only appreciate and respect them. I hope they keep on working hard, as they would have what it takes to achieve greatness.

7 / 10