Total Recall is a Finnish punk-band that was founded in 2009, and has made a few releases since then. This tape compiles two of their gigs from 2012, and is limited to 100 copies.

This is the first time I've given Total Recall a proper listen, although I've heard a lot of praise of their works - especially regarding their newest mLP. Based on this live-tape, all the good words have been uttered for a good reason. The songs are intense, energetic and aggressive, and feature enough of (in punk-terms) very good musicianship and originality to make an instant impact and to stand out from the mass of Finnish punk and hc. It seems I'll have to buy the band's records someday.

Side Ilokivi:
The annoyingly damp but loud bass-sound is the dominant element here, burying the otherwise nicely raw and crude guitars and drums under it. It isn't too surprising though, as the gig was captured with a tape recorder. Other than that, the recording sounds pretty good after you've equalized the lowest bass-frequencies out of the picture. The band performs with energy, and the crowd seems to be into the band's music too. Also, the soundscape can't be too horrible since I found the songs pleasing despite being previously unfamiliar with them.

Side Suisto:
This gig was recorded from the mixing table, so, unsurprisingly, it sounds better. The guitar is nicely rough and the drums are well audible, and the overall sound and feel is pleasingly chaotic. The vocals are a bit too loud for my liking, but that doesn't downgrade the hostility a lot. The band's in a good tick, and the lack of constant crowd-noise and such make these songs seem a lot better than the A-side's bootleg-quality did. It's a shame that the gig had to end prematurely due to the reasons seen on the tape's cover.

As far as this kind of limited edition live-tapes of punk go, this one's pretty decent. The visual side works, and I liked that the j-card holds some brief commentary by the band regarding both gigs. All in all the tape gives a honest and positive image of the band, and should be a good buy for anyone who's into the band's works or feels curious about the current state of Finnish hc-punk.

7- / 10