Constant Vulse is a grindcore four-piece that comes from Trier, Germany. The band was founded in the last days of 2011, and it seems that they were very enthusiastic about their craft as their debut EP "Hedonic Sleepwalkers" was released just about a year later. It's available on CD and tape.

CV's music is not the easiest to describe due to it having such an amount of variation from a song to another. The soundscape is more akin to death metal with its heavy but sharp drum-sounds and the string instruments' focus on the low-end, and the compositions feature quite a bit of fairly technical shredding a'la modern brutal death metal. On the other hand there's a lot of pure hardcore punk in the riffs and drum fills, too, and the grunted and screamed vocals and the fastest and simplest grind-bits bow towards the pioneers of grindcore. The lyrics (of which only some snippets are included in the booklet) are all about equality and hate against corruption, and have a prominent theme of "fight the power" similar to the most outspoken punk-bands.

Although the band's expression might seem a bit confusing when dissected like that, the songs actually work fairly well. They have an appealing flow from death-heaviness to intense blasting, and from technical riffs to hc-simplisticity, and the band's palette doesn't seem to fall apart at any point. The heavy soundscape doesn't really bring out the compositions' nuances, but it does help all the variance to seem more unified and logical.

I think Constant Vulse could create even more original, surprising and hard-hitting compositions, as they would definitely have the needed skills and the vision for that. I'd like them to give just a bit more attention to the album's structure and flow on their next creation, too. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that the band's playing it a little safe on this EP - which is acceptable since its their debut, though.

These eleven songs present a very pleasing and professionally executed mixture of rough grindcore, musicianship and brutality, and it lasts for just the right amount of time. The band still has some work to do in making each song more memorable as individual pieces and in finding a bolder and more original soundscape, but as far as debut releases go, this one's pretty damn good. It'll be interesting to hear what the band comes up with in the future.

7 / 10