This time I'm reviewing experimental Finnish ambient. I rarely have any ambient-albums in rotation, but this time I wanted to give myself a challenge through giving this album a go. Also, it's nice to check out new promises in the field of experimental music.

The album's beginning is very calm and dream-like. At this point I'm tuning myself to relaxed atmospheres and just let the music flow. This flow lasted for two songs, until the third one titled "On Hostile Ground" brings some speaking, or should I say rhyming with it. Somehow the repeated words drill to my brain like the system's propaganda. At this point the music started to get some edge, which comes off as a surprise after the album's lighter beginning. "Abandoned Path" continues in the same vein, and comes off as notably more ominous. It gave me a strong image of a black metal band that's so high on acid that they can't play their instruments at all.

At this point it's clear to me that this album isn't any kind of dull elevator muzak, but that it's been influenced by this and that. There's a lot of edge, which is something a lot of ambient-album's dont have at all. The soundscape is interesting, but luckily not too stuffed. The sounds are overall very professionally produced, and you can tell that the album is a fruit of effort. The songs seem to have the so called "red line," too. The songs aren't just about experimental meddling, but they have a point, a meaning. A few visitors, who I'm too lazy to list here, are heard on the album too, and they truly bring their own twist to the respective songs they're featured on. Bonus points for that! Especially mister Black Saturn does great things on the microphone, and his parts suit the album excellently!

I've got to say that the music on this album is interesting and innovative, and it doesn't lack in surprises or edge. I don't really have any complaints about it, although I would've gladly had more of clean acoustic instruments featured on it. I recommend this album to friends of experimental music, and even to those who don't typically listen to music like this.

9 / 10