For those who have read my previous writings probably know already that Iím terrible with (for me) foreign languages and this time we swing the mighty battle axe at German. However I do applaud the German language as it displays an extreme edginess and filthy aggression that suits well into a number of situations and occasions.
Here the choice of language also falls right into place with the trollish aggression of Eïsí take on black metal. The usage of German seasons the music with exotism and adds on a nice folk feel to the ogres' war dance in mid-forest.
As the case often is with German music, it rolls forth with the power, fury and resilience of a panzerwagen with military precision, but also it lacks in feeling - just like the hardboiled and iced-down soldiers who are in it for the kill. While the music is technically speaking good and the execution deadly like a twelve gauge to the neck, I still canít find anything that really impresses me.
It is also hard to find that one factor that really would distinguish Eïs from its contemporaries.

While reinventing the wheel isnít for everyone, it is still recommendable to bring something of your own to the table.
As it is now, there is nothing that forces me to listen to Wetterkreuz again, but with some refining and a bit of innovative ideas these guys could just hit the jackpot.

7 / 10