Chestburster is a Finnish trio that I interviewed here a while ago. The band's existed since 2007, and this 10"-EP presents their newest material to date. Next up they'll be releasing a vinyl-version of their earlier tape-EP titled "Secret Sex Tape."

I found this EP easy to like, but hard to review or describe. The four-minute pieces are based on simplistic structures and repetition, but the deep, rough and unpolished sound gives them a lot of depth and character and makes them sound anything but dull. These base structures are coated with hazy jamming groove and a very natural flow that still has some surprises in it, some occasional guitar licks and solos to keep things vivid and surprising, and dazed clean-ish vocals with contempt.

For me, these songs are the best ones that Chestburster has created so far, both compositionally and sound-wise. They're rough and raw, honest and appealing. Their simple base structures make them easily understood and appealing, but their crude, psychedelic, hazy and even confusing sides keep you listening to them and wondering what is it exactly that's going on - as do the covers & lyrics. So, if you're into music that gives no easy answers and is quite raw and introverted, this one's a good pick.

I would definitely buy a full-length from this band, although it might be that a longer dose of songs like this would be too much for my senses. I guess we'll see about that eventually.

An EP of suitable length for people that like it rough.

8- / 10