Bloodhammer is a black metal band from Raahe, Finland, and it's been around for about 15 years already. If you've never heard of them, you should definitely check out "Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet"-LP or the "Monastery Of Thousand Blackened Lusts"-EP... or pretty much any other material from them that you might find. They're rarely a letdown.

The opening song "Syksyn Pimeyteen" ("Into the Autumn's Darkness") starts off as a mid-pace piece with steady, melodic but raw riffing, and with equally steady but raw growled vocals. It has a sense of melancholy and, in standards of very raw black metal, even some epicness and beauty in it. It doesn't have any of the rocking riffs or drunken chaos in it that Bloodhammer often delivers; just pure executed will. I'm very pleased. The song ends to a way faster and more aggressive section that gives it a great climax.

The song on the B-side brings out the aforementioned rocking side of the band. The simple but damn appealing riffing and drumming (with cymbals that are just a bit too sharp for my liking) have a great and even catchy rock-vibe that makes me nod my head and stomp my foot. "Copulation of..." doesn't really vary a lot, nor progress or have anything that special or gimmicky about it; it's a good and simple piece of rocking oldschool black metal.

If you're familiar with Bloodhammer, you should definitely buy this 7". It might be just the single-format that highlights the best qualities of the songs, but I still feel this 7" presents some of the most thought-out, well-played and focused material of Bloodhammer that I've heard to date.

If you're not familiar with the band, then you'll just have to trust my word: these songs present really good and dedicated raw black metal. I have a hard time explaining why exactly these songs are so good despite them not presenting anything new or that original... I just feel it. My only complaints are that the cymbals are too sharp, the lyrics aren't included, and that the rpm wasn't mentioned anywhere.

Buy it.

8 / 10