Sagntid is a Danish one-man project that released its debut full-length in 2009. This is its second full-length, and it was published as a CD. The promo is just a simple CD-R in a slip, so no comments about the visual side and such can be given. I was just recently informed that Sagntid had merged with the artist's other project, and hence will be known as Picture Ann in the future.

I've had this album in my queue for a long time simply because I didn't really have a lot to say about it... and I still don't, really. If you've heard some of the artist's works before, you'll know what to expect: the songs rely on rather mellow and melancholic acoustic guitar with soft echoing in it. It plays simple riffs with quite a bit of repetition, but they're still catchy and interesting enough to not become dull background muzak. The acoustic lines are spiced with soft and very varying electronic spices, occasional whispers and electronic guitar distortion. The album creates soft ambient, but has enough content, character and motion to stay interesting for the forty minutes. Even the production values are allright this time around...

... but it's all something that Sagntid has done times and times again before. If I hadn't heard as many releases from the project as I have, I would grade this album higher. It's a nice, skilled, soothing and pleasingly atmospheric entirety, but musically it doesn't offer a lot of new things to those who know the project from before. It's improved and more balanced than his earlier works, but I still find his albums too similar to each other.

"The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid" is a soothing and beautiful album of mostly acoustic ambient music. I'm just hoping that the merging of Sagntid and Picture Ann will give the artist more freedom of expression and the needed boldness he needs to venture further from his comfort zone, as he would certainly have the skills needed to create something more memorable and fresh.

7 / 10