Corephallism is the project of Shane Broderick, the founder of the Lascivious Aesthetics-label and a former member of the noise/grind-band Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. This is Corephallism's debut, after which it released a split-10" with Gnaw Their Tongues in 2012.

These two songs present sounds that are anything but nice. The opening three-minuter is built on a slowly waving bass-drone, which is covered by more dominant, eerie and rather noisy and harsh mid-pitch ambience. The song doesn't have a lot of variance, but the atmosphere it creates is pleasingly disturbing. The first half a minute of the following song "These Scars..." is really quiet and minimalistic drone, after which it morphs into droning harsh noise with some semi-psychedelic phasing. It is fairly simplistic and monotonal like its predecessor, but the combination of harsh and shrilling frequencies with slight psychedelia manages to create quite an atmosphere. The layers are a bit too tidy-sounding for my preferences, but perhaps that's needed to create multi-layered noise-ambience like this.

I regard this mini-CD to be a teaser more than anything else. It shows the artist's vision for creating unpleasant and merciless noise, but doesn't demonstrate his skills in actual song-creation. The two song-snippets got me curious to hear more from Corephallism, though, so I guess they did what they were meant to.

This 3" is a good presentation of Corephallism's base foundation, but not good for much in repeated listens. It's just too short and teaser-like with its cut-up endings.

6 / 10