How much can a frail female vocalist accomplish mainly with her voice and an acoustic guitar?
To be honest, most attempts at it may not hit the homerun, but there are those who actually get the ball out of the field... and as an addition, this does not only affect the woman, voice and guitar combos as the same goes for men also, so cut the sexist crap!

Bad Braids was for me a completely new acquaintance, but a fairly positive one. Iíve been listening to ďSupreme ParallelĒ throughout the summer trying to gather words to describe it.
The core of the album already came along the first sentence... but in some instances the end product is more that the sum of itís parts.
Of course the music is spiced up with synthesized soundscapes, flutes and whatnots but the essence is in the the voice and guitar combination.

There is few things to pinpoint as good or bad on this album, but the feel is positive and raises your spirit. This music just makes you feel good which - I might add - is an incredible feature in any composition of any scale.
The dreamy consistence of the songs are made for the beautiful summer days while enjoying solitude.
The melancholia that shows itís gruffy hair here and there is far from suicide inducing, rather it gives an edge and personality to the songs.

You better believe it. This is a very enjoyable album.

8- / 10