Here in a rare but useful double feature we dig into the dark ambient soundscapes of Canadian audio artist Soufferance. The main reason for this joint venture is the continuum of theme starting from the 2010 EP Bonjour Tristesse and continuing into the 2012 mammoth Adieu Tristesse.

The 17 minute colossus flows on through the sound waves with ease into the darkness without sounding angst ridden in the process. A dark atmosphere leads you towards the halls of evil, but never getís you quite there...

The almost 100 minute long full-length takes on a broader line of extremes from serenity into aggression, but keeps the silverline steady in the middle.There is some serious textures and melodies in the eye of the storms, but you really need to keep your focus to find even a small percentage of the hidden gems in here.

There arenít a lot of factors that differentiate these two releases from each other and you can clearly see the continuation among the different tracks.
The music is beautifully layered with changes from minimalism to stacked elements creating ingenious textures. The clearest progression between the two releases are in melody and soundscape.
Adieu Tristesse utilizes much lighter sounds and contains more actual instrumentation to carry the compositions forwards.

You are above all led into a dark rabbitís hole, but itís not a dangerous place after all. Even when you leave Kansas there is a sense of joy beyond the angst.
Still the monstrous total length of this epic craves the most out of your stamina and it is next to impossible to keep your concentration throughout the whole compositions.
The music writes a story to you and only to you. As always with abstract instrumental music much of the responsibility transfers to the listener to make the best out of the irritants. You need to dig deep within yourself to find what it tells You.

8 / 10