BloodRedSky is a Finnish five-piece that was founded in 2008. This is their debut album of stoner metal.

The album offers 10 three- to five-minute pieces of dense and heavy stoner dominance. There's nothing more special to the compositions; just well-crafted riffs with a lot of groove, and an occasional harsher section to keep things from becoming too smooth. There is some semi-subtle death metal influence here and there to create some contrast to the more freely-flowing moments, but the main deal is the brisk but heavy groove. You can tell that these songs weren't crafted in one afternoon.

Although the soundscape is good aside of the vocals being a bit too dominant, the album is eventually a bit too heavy on the ears. The songs are very similar to each other, and their natural groove nor strong sound isn't enough to rescue the listener from becoming numb to the barrage. Some bolder variance with the harsh and commanding vocals and the drumming and some different compositional hooks and small spices would definitely be needed to make this album a more long-lasting treat.

This is the kind of manly stuff that should work great when witnessed in a live situation, preferably with some alcohol to get the audience shaking their dusty bones. I just found this album to be just a bit too long, which makes the heaviness lose its force. A more dynamic soundscape that would allow the minor details to shine would do the band great things. All in all, "A Cross..." is certainly not a bad album, but it's a too one-dimensional one.

7- / 10