Spawn From Deceit is a Finnish grind-band. They released their debut album in 2011, and now in 2013 it's time for their second full-length. It's available for free online, and rather affordably on tape-format. The otherwise good-looking tape doesn't have a lyrics sheet, but you can read the lyrics online.

Whereas SFD's earlier album "At Least We Did Care" presented some heavy punk-influences, this album has dropped off a lot of those and relies more on a heavier sound, faster tempos and tighter delivery. The songs are around a minute long bursts that sound very tight and appealing, and the rough and dense sound does them a world of justice.

Although the songs are clearly grindcore-songs and nothing fancier than that, there are a bunch of slower, darker and otherwise varying sections that keep the album on the move and make each song stand out in a positive manner during the tape's play. So, no blurcore here! There are no particular hooks that would keep you listening to some specific song over and over, as it pretty much always goes with grindcore, but the whole album is so well-built and pleasing that one can't really point out any negative factors either. The harsh shouts, growls and screams have improved a lot since the previous album, too.

Although this album smells a lot less like punk than the band's earlier effort (aside of the well-written lyrics that are as punk as you can get), there are still some simple hc-sections that are a refreshing change amidst all the grind-blasting. I also feel like the band's taken heavier influences from the gloomy and metallic side of crust punk, as this album has some very dark and even depressive-sounding moments as well as some guitar screeches and leads that are characteristic to that sub-subgenre.

Although SFD might've taken a small step towards a more generic grindcore-sound, their music has become tighter, more focused and simply more appealing to man's inner animal that makes a person jump around when listening to good grindcore. Good stuff.

8+ / 10