Sometimes when the mind is shoved full of ideas it's hard to keep your focus right on point.
In the case of Dordeduh the overflow of ideas leads us into an epic voyage through dangers and high speed chases to dances by gypsy campfires and back into the mouth of the trolls.
In not so many words this album is flowing over in reference to styles and ideas.

... but still, the music is superb in execution and contains some real killer riffs and melodies, the downside just turns out to be the versatility of the album. In one second we are following an exquisite rock riff, the next we are in tranquil guitar picking land and then comes the growls. The package defies logical structure.
Still I must applaud the production here, the album sounds uniform and only the compositional hiccups cause my neck hair to raise.

All in all the music leaves a split image of itself. The quality is undeniable and there are very, very good parts here and there... but on the other hand, the parts and pieces are not welded seamlessly together. The structure just doesn't work to the best of the band.

7- / 10