I had this one sitting on my table for quite a while, but now finally Im feeling like some hyper energetic metal for my veins.
Killjoy Corp. execute their aggressive dish with power and the most incredible intensity.
Even if the music at moments seems like 100mph straight bashing it is rather technical and demanding with changing sections and breakdowns but there is also hints of Finnish melancholia in the mix.
All sounds are fine tuned to the max, bringing all important elements to the front. The growls are well distinguishable and varying, in other words they sound extremely good.
There are definitive hints of wizardry la Children of Bodom in some of the melody lines, save keyboard the wankery... but Killjoy Corp. can rest easy as their vocalist is much better.

The boys have done an incredible job and are on the right path as an addition to the Finnish Metal scene.

For me the largest lack of the material is that I fail to distinguish the tracks from each other.
We are missing out on the serious killer tunes here! All these guys need is one smash hit and they are in the game... at least in a perfect world.

7 / 10