As always with ambient soundscapes you really need to go through it in various states of mind to see how it works, because it really depends on your mood if you love it or hate it.
The whole essence of music like this makes it difficult to either review or rate.
I can only tell you within the borders of my vocabulary what I hear ...and the rest, dear reader/listener, will be up to You.

An Moku mixes household sounds, environmental audio and ambient to achieve their goal and thus create an interesting crossbreed of experimental soundscapes to wake up your imagination.
At times the sounds flow around you light as a feather, mostly when only working with synthesized audio, then again the effect drenched sounds create a quite oppressive atmosphere.
There are very harsh contrasts between the extremes on “Mononocle” but they are mixed together in a very subtle manner, so neither extreme jumps upon you. The end result is a very vibrant and live soundscape that could soundtrack an adventurous sci-fi thriller any day.

But coming back to the essence of this audible artwork, it is hard to say anything definite concerning the sounds or elements.
The overall ambience is very minimal and very few textures are woven out of the overlapping elements. Long synthesized drones fill the quiet spaces while rustling or rattling creates something remotely reminiscing rhythm.

What builds up to be an issue on “Mononocle” is that the music is hardly captivating, though it intrigues while listening. The compositions do not crave your attention, but rather set themselves up on the background like a drape to fill the view. Maybe on the next album the sounds will take their place in the spotlight?

7+ / 10