We now have at our hands an interesting conceptual ambient piece that builds upon the stories of Ivanhoe, just as the name insinuates. The compositions build a basis through the narrations of texts as a beginning and working forward with a slow morphosis into full fledged ambient soundscapes as time passes by. Tape manipulations pervert the narrations into rhythm like elements that are diffused into the synthesized sounds with great skill, as there hardly is any clear point where the change happens.
This slow evolution of the works is their greatest asset and makes everything into a whole, but the whole concept is left distant.
Only the narrations link anything to Ivanhoe in my mind and the Ďendí of each composition is light years away from the beginning... so the whole journey is left in the dark.

Where are we now? What is happening here?
These are questions I found myself asking while trying to hold on to the concept, but once you ditch the concept - then you can sit back and enjoy a nice ride over waves on remote waters, or fly with the winds over the large green plains.
Only when you rid yourself of the faux shackles, only then the music becomes really accessible and letís you get the best nuances out of it.

x / 10