Sacrilegious Impalement is a Finnish black metal band that's been active since 2006. This is the band's third full-length album, and the first one with the new vocalist Wrathprayer (known from Exordium) - and the first album of theirs that I've properly listened to.

My first reaction of this album was a surprised "damn, this is a good one!" and now, after a multitude of spins, my positive opinion of it hasn't toned down. The band mixes the fast blasting a'la Dark Funeral and Marduk together with very skilled, appealing and even emotional melodies. The songs vary a lot in tempos and range from rhythm-dominant phases to purely melodic and mercilessly violent ones, yet they always carry a meaningful feel - these are not just bits and pieces glued together, but some holistic and skillfully composed and arranged songs.

The album's soundscape is both raw and clear enough to do justice to the compositions' dynamics, and Wrathprayer's vocals do an excellent job in adding more emotion and a feel of danger to the songs.

As I tend to favour the brute primitivism and rawer soundscapes when listening to black metal, this album caught me by surprise with its high quality. If you like it fast and melodic, this album is a recommended pick.

8+ / 10